Health Service Delivery

Great deals of efforts were done to increase the maternal health services utilization among mothers. As a result we could achieve contraceptive acceptance rate 62%, antenatal care 100%, institutional delivery 74%, postnatal care 73% and regional institutional maternal death was reported to be 0.05%. Other maternal health related services were delivered like cesarean section 6,173(3.9% of expected delivery in 2009 EFY) and abortion rate 22,316 (13% of total pregnancy).

Neonatal, infant and under five death rate are the most important indicators of child health. Accordingly, early neonatal institutional death was reported to be 0.6%. As immunization is also one of the important indicators of child survival a good and encouraging performance were achieved with regard to immunization of child health; pentavalent three coverage was 98%, measles 96%, fully immunization 96% and protected at birth 100%. In order to increase and improve the nutritional status of the community, therapeutic feeding program, community based nutrition, and routine health days were delivered. Only 0.3% of children were suffering from severe malnutrition.

Prevention and control efforts were made to combat communicable disease in the fiscal year. Consequently, 569,894 individuals undergo HCT in health posts, health centers and hospitals of the region. Of these, 1% turned to positive for HIV test. Moreover, 58,010 PLHIV have ever started ART captured in chronic care and of which 39,331 individuals had currently on ART. The regional TB case detection and bacteriological confirmed treatment success rate was 69% and 92% respectively which is good performance and the region already achieved the target set for whichSustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Health Sector Transformation Plan (HSTP). The TB/HIV co-infectionwas reported to
be 9%. Outpatient attendance per capita (Utilization) in the region was relatively improved (1.8 timesper person per year) with admission rate 2.3%, bed occupancy rate 44% and average length of stay being 4.9 days,in 2009EFY.

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