Message from Bureau Head

The Tigray Regional Health Bureau has been consistently working on development of the health sector of our region. The Bureau had realized various tangible achievements in strengthening the Region’s health system focusing on promoting community ownership, strengthening health infrastructure, improving access to health service and quality of health care, ensuring workforce development and resource mobilization and utilization, and exercising evidence-based decision making among other strategic areas.

These achievements are steps toward achieving full implementation of all health packages and initiatives documented under GTP-1, MDGs, SDGs and others. The Health Development Army is an instrumental approach that is being applied at every level of the Region to ensure sustainable growth and dynamic transformation; for this reason, the Government of the National Regional State of Tigray along with its stakeholders has exerted maximum effort to strengthen the HDA . The Women’s Development Groups, the dedicated health professionals, and the committed leadership at all levels were responsible for the lion’s share of progress seen during the past five years both in advancing the HDA as well as improving many health indicators in the region.

Still, some mothers are not getting essential health services due to male dominance, cultural barriers, and family interference. Therefore all stakeholders should work in harmony to set an atmosphere where women can proactively seek essential health services and be involved in societal and democratic health institutions.

2007 Ethiopian fiscal year marked the end of MDGs and GTP1, and hence was also year of transition into the SDGs and GTP2. The data documented in this annual profile helps to identify various areas of improvement that deserve the integrated and harmonized attention of all stakeholders in the coming fiscal year, in light of SDGs and GTP2 to strengthen the developmental health system in our region. This annual health profile will give you an insight what has been carried out in the health sector of the region. We hope, it will serve you as a reference for your understanding and doing further work on the health system of the region.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the people of Tigray, the leadership and health workforce at all levels, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Health, our development partners, and others for their unreserved support and active involvement in our move to see healthy families at every household of Tigray.

Hagos Godefay(Phd)

Head, Tigray Regional Health Bureau

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